SAXGO18 - 9. mednarodno tekmovanje saksofonistov

Rules of the jury  
9th International saxophone competition SAXGO

1. The Jury shall be composed of its president and five members: Jean-Denis Michat (F) as President; Betka Bizjak Kotnik (SLO), Matjaž Drevenšek (SLO), Gerard McChrystal (GB), Debra Richtmeyer (USA), and Miha Rogina (SLO) – conductor (only in Finale) as Members.

2. If a Juror is absent because of force majeure and the Jury cannot assign points as a result, the President of the Jury shall decide.

3. Jurors shall assess the competitors by assigning points ranging from 1 to 100 (where 50 points stands for acceptable performance).

4. The final ranking shall be made on the basis of the average of all points won in the Preliminaries, the Semifinals—the results of which will not be officially published until the end of the Competition—as well as of the points won in the Finale.

5. If a Juror is related to a competitor or is his/her current teacher, the Juror may not assess the competitor.

6. The President, acting on behalf of the Jury, may interrupt the performance of a competitor due to time restraints.

7. The Jury may set out fewer than the maximum number of participants for the Semifinals and the Finale.

8. The Jury’s decisions shall be considered final and indisputable. Competitors may ask to talk to the Jury after the competition.


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