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A Voce Sola: the origins of
Recitar Cantando

* in collaboration with DRAMSAM Centro Giuliano di Musica Antica &
Festival Musica Cortese

  A P P L I C A T I O N   F O R M   

The Greek world, the cradle of the Western culture, has always influenced and fascinated artists of every era. Between 1500s and 1600s, the musical style underwent a great change. Roughly speaking, we could say that the music moved from the realm of polyphony to that of the accompanied monody. The latter is destined to move the listener's emotions, seeking rather than the unchanging relationship with the divine, the intrinsic drama of human relations. At the base of the melodic invention, there is a desire to reconstruct the magical symbiosis between text and music that is typical of the Greek lyric. It is no coincidence that the first experiments in this sense had as their subject Orpheus, a figure that more than any other synthesizes poetry and music, thus laying the foundation stone of that building called "opera" or, more generally "musical theatre", a building in which we can recognize the umpteenth transfiguration of the Greek theatre.

During the course of the masterclass, we will mainly deal with what I believe to be the most representative pieces of this moment of passage in the Italian musical history. We will cover a span of almost one hundred years, starting from the frottolistic pieces of masters such as Tromboncino and Cara, moving to the Cavalieri’s Rappresentazione, to reach the Monteverdi’s Orfeo and Combattimento, pivotal moments of the great art of theatre in music.

Special time will be dedicated to the daily practice together with other participants, performing pieces of the traditionally predominantly polyphonic oral repertoire. The aim of this didactic choice is the development of personal vocal technique (breathing, sound emission, intonation), which favours listening to the other by using apparently simple songs, happy testimonies of emotions and cultural depth.

Author: Marco Beasley


Vila Vipolže

27.-30. september 2018

10:00-13:00 &
lunch break

minimum 5 maximum 15

A public audience is welcome.

Masterclass programme:

Participants will be able to propose pieces of their choice related to the period,
sending the teacher the scores at least one month before the masterclass starts. 

Suggested repertoire:
- Le Frottole per canto e liuto, libro I e II del Bossiniensis, 1509 & 1511
- Emilio de Cavalieri: brani dalla Rappresentazione di Anima et di Corpo, Roma, 1600
- Giulio Caccini: dal I e II libro delle Nuove Musiche, Firenze 1601 & 1614
- Claudio Monteverdi: estratti dall’Orfeo, favola in musica, Venezia, 1607
- Claudio Monteverdi: estratti a voce sola ed a due voci dal Vespro, Venezia, 1610
- Alessandro Grandi: estratti dai Mottetti, libro II, Venezia, 1625
- Giovanni Felice Sances: Cantada a voce sola sul Passacaglie, libro II, Venezia 1633
- Giovanni Felice Sances: Stabat Mater dolorosa, Mottetti, Venezia, 1638
- Claudio Monteverdi: estratti dal Combattimento..., Venezia, 1638

* * *

Masterclass professor:

Marco Beasley

Maestro at the continuo:

Stefano Rocco (Lute, Archlute, Theorbo and Baroque Guitar)

* * *

Masterclass application deadline: 

Master class price: € 200 (free entrance to concerts included)

Passive attendance: € 50 (free entrance to concerts included)

Participants take care of their own meals and accommodation.

* * *

The number of participants is limited. 
Places will be allocated according to the date of receipt of the completed registration form. 
The deadline for application is Thursday, 30th August 2018.
In the case of participant cancellation the organizer will retain 20% of the participation fee to cover administrative expenses.

 A P P L I C A T I O N   F O R M 

Bank transfer to the Nova Gorica Arts Centre.

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UJP (Public Payment Office), Nova Gorica Branch 
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