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"The truth is ugly. We possess art least we perish of the truth." (Nietzsche)

The Nova Gorica City Art Gallery, founded in 1997, is located at the Slovenian National Theatre of Nova Gorica. The Gallery used to be part of the Museum of the Goriška and since 2000, it has been a unit of the Nova Gorica Arts Centre. The carefully selected exhibitions have turned it into one of the major art venues in Slovenia.

The peculiar round shape of the 361 sq. m. exhibition room is a creative challenge for the artists while also offering a very intimate perception of the exhibits. In addition to the variety of the exhibitions, encompassing all types of modern visual arts, the Nova Gorica City Art Gallery offers as well many lectures on contemporary visual arts, art workshops for children of various ages and guided exhibition tours.


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Kulturni dom Nova Gorica,
Bevkov trg 4, SI-5000 Nova Gorica
T: + 386 5 335 40 10

Kulturni dom Nova Gorica is member of
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