SLOVENE PHILHARMONIC CHOIR & ORCHESTRA Jera Petriček Hrastnik, conductor

Large hall of Kulturni dom Nova Gorica


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Jera Petriček Hrastnik, conductor

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This year's opening concert of the Season, organised in cooperation with the Kogoj's Days Festival (Kogojevi dnevi), promises to be a unique experience. 2018 is the year of two jubilees; the 100th anniversary of the death of writer Ivan Cankar and the 20th anniversary of the death of composer Marijan Gabrijelčič. For this occasion, the outstanding Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir under the leadership of Jera Petriček Hrastnik build up a repertoire list based on Gabrijelčič's works and the compositions for which the authors found the inspiration in Ivan Cankar's literary opus.

Marjan Gabrijelčič was a highly prolific composer who created an amazing variety of works and set many Cankar's literary texts to music. In addition to his creative work was devoted to educating young musicians and he was an art director of the Slovene Philharmonic between 1975 and 1979. The musicians are paying him a tribute with this concert.

“We are heading towards a new season of a joint search for artistic experiences,” Gabrijelčič once said. Let's begin!

Draft programme:

K. Pahor: The Lord's Prayer of the Servant Yernay (Očenaš hlapca Jerneja)
M. Kogoj: Carnations in the Field (Nageljni poljski)
M. Kogoj: Farewell (Slovo)
M. Gabrijelčič: Winds in the Field (Vetri v polju)
M. Gabrijelčič: Calling upon you (Kličem vas)
M. Gabrijelčič: Faronika the Fish (Riba Faronika)
M. Gabrijelčič: Memory (Spomin)
M. Gabrijelčič: One day we will rejoice (Nekoč bo lepo)
M. Gabrijelčič: Andante for Strings (Andante za godala)
S. Osterc: Ouverture Classique (Klasična uvertura)
L. M. Škerjanc: Mařenka



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