FLORES MUSICAE: Norbert Rodenkirchen & Sabine Lutzenberger

Saint Francis Monastery Kostanjevica

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 Friday, 28th September 2018
Saint Francis Monastery Kostanjevica

In Forgotten Tones – mystical songs by maestro Frauenlob

Norbert Rodenkirchen
 - medieval transverse flutes, medieval harps 
Sabine Lutzenberger
 - soprano

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The German ensemble PER-SONAT was founded in 2008 by singer Sabine Lutzenberger and traverso player Norbert Rodenkirchen, in order to perform music from the Middle Ages up to the Renaissance. PER-SONAT has quickly established itself as one of the leading groups performing this kind of repertoire, which includes not only Renaissance polyphonies but also contemporary compositions. The cast of the ensemble ranges from two to eight musicians, depending on the repertoire. On this occasion, Sabine Lutzenberger and Norbert Rodenkirchen will present a programme of mystical songs written by the 13th century minnesänger – Henry of Meissen, also known as maestro Frauenlob. Unlike his contemporaries, Frauenlob did not concentrate on profane love in his “Sangspruchen”, but managed to surpass this theme with deep philosophical, ethical and theological contemplations.



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