Large theatre of Kulturni dom Nova Gorica

Cantus 2014


Berislav Šipuš, conductor
Ivana Lazar, soprano


Soon after its founding in 2001, the Cantus Ensemble grew out of its role of a festival group made for the Music Biennale of Zagreb and--by choosing a demanding programme--set out its own path. Its founder, art director and conductor Berislav Šipuš, a breakthrough composer, professor and one of the most influential actors on the Croatian musical scene, has said about the founding of the ensemble that they have been brought together by the desire to explore the New and the Unknown, while wanting to approach modern music with tall performance and professional criteria. Their carefully chosen repertoires therefore only include 'the best of the best' and 'the newest of the newest'. In the very early years they have gained the leading role in creating and judging contemporary music in Croatia. Since 2006, they have been hosting their own concert series, entitled Cantus & Lisinski, a string of events that no serious music fan is willing to miss. They are organising trainings for young musicians and participating in a range of international projects with foreign partners. Their concerts will be an excellent opportunity to meet top performers and to hear the works of two young Croatian composers.

The concert has been organised in cooperation with the festival of contemporary music Kogoj's Days.

Draft programme:

M. Ivičević: Dominosa FF00FF
J. Cage: 4' 33''
K. Seletković: DISorder
G. Mahler: Fourth symphony in G major (arr. K. Simon for soprano and chamber orchestra)

Tickets: 14€, 10€



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